Sam Griffin

Developer // AI Engineer // Data Scientist


mySAM is a unique lesson reporting software for the Sussex Academy of Music that allows students to view their upcoming lessons, previous lesson reports and even pay for lessons. This allows the students to swiftly see their progress through the log of lesson reports as well as easily see when their next lesson is, which room it is in and how long it will last as well as which tutor they will have in case there has been a change.

The student dashboard

Tutors can submit lesson reports, view all of the prievious lesson reports for their students, check the notes and skill levels of their students as well as even seeing in a nicely laid out way the amount that they should invoice for a time period of work. Keeping on top of who they are teaching next, how long they have before their next lesson and where they need to be is of the upmost importance and so is clearly seen on this piece of software. They are able to leave detailed reports as well as homework to ensure that the students are given the best possible tuition.

The tutor report view

Schools also have a section on the mySAM system. They are able to view the upcoming lessons for their location as well as view the previous lesson reports at their location. It will display which room is being used as well as for how long so that they can keep up to date with what is going on in the building as well as ensure that their students are receiving the best tuition available.

The school's previous lessons list