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French Ski Area Over My Town

At BrightMinded, I had the opportunity to be the sole developer on an interesting web project to help promote french ski areas and resorts. We were asked by All Conditions Media to help them create a website to promote some french ski areas. This project involves taking data about the boundaries of the ski areas as well as the pistes, lifts and peaks in the area and overlaying that onto the user’s local area so that they can understand the size and distance in terms they are familiar with. It was an interesting website to make because it involves custom mapping, large amounts of geojson data, postcode lookups with caching as well as supporting dragging and zooming.

The concept begins with showing the ski area in the original location.

Val d'Isere / Tignes

It is then moved when the user either drags the area within the boundary or uses the search box to find their favoured location to overlay.

Val d'Isere / Tignes Over London

All of the ski areas available on this project are also accessible directly by link so that specific ones can be linked to for marketing specific areas.

One requirement of this project was for the possibility of it to be embedded into other sites as a widget via an iframe. This created a complication in that the size needs to be very flexible while still making all of the information available.

The project can be seen here.

There are also these two great articles about it by All Conditions Media and The Telegraph