Sam Griffin

Developer // AI Engineer // Data Scientist

SAM Brain

The SAM Brain system is the booking, CRM and admin software that helps keep the Sussex Academy of Music running.

SAM Brain home

There is a convenient home page to quickly display all of the lessons at their main location for the day with colour coding to show who is having their last lesson and so needs to be booked in for more! It also allows the user to quickly display all of the lessons for any of the locations in the system as well as changing the dates to quickly scroll through upcoming lessons. There is a convenient search system which can search through multiple types of contacts and locations for name, email, phone numbers etc.

SAM Brain search

There are easy links to profile pages for all customers, tutors and locations with easily viewable and editable information. From these pages or from header links, lessons can be booked in quickly and simply using the recurring booking technology inherent in the system. There are pages to check that information has been entered correctly as well as editable emails to be sent to the student and colour coding on lesson checks to show in a visually simplistic way if there are any clashes.

Booking lessons on the SAM Brain

On top of all of this, there are clear finance calculations which show invoicing amounts for clients, altering bookings, checking lesson reports, automated emails, and much much more in this constantly updated system.